Ice roads fatalities.

February 23/Oct 9.08.

Truck driver deaths on the Ice Road.


I see I’m still getting blog hits from morbid sensation seeking folks, looking to see how many people and who,  gets killed on the Ice Roads. So………… In the first episode of Ice Road Truckers, Wayne Gzowski of Arctic Divers was asked how many body recovery dives under the ice he had conducted, he said 39…and that was several years ago (2006). Wayne was referring to the total number of bodies he had recovered during his entire career. What he said had nothing to do with Ice Road Truckers breaking through and drowning.


Once and for all, let’s set the record straight. Although "Ice Road Truckers" implies the number is 39, in reality, since the Ice Road(s), west between Yellowknife and Echo Bay Mines on Great Bear Lake, and East, between Yellowknife and the Diamond Mines (Ekati, Diavik and Snap Lake etc) were constructed, from about 1973 to the present day (June 2008), there have been NO truck driver deaths directly attributed to hauling freight on those Ice (Winter) Roads.
Hugh Rowland, Original Productions/Thom Beers/History Channel are deliberately perpetuating a lie! Since 1973, there have been three, and only three, deaths associated with the construction of said Road(s). One death of a grader operator, one death of a snocat operator (who subsequently died of heart failure after being rescued), and lastly, one death of a plow truck driver (2004). Tragic accidents though they were, all three fatalities happened during the construction phase, before the Road was opened to heavy truck traffic.
Contrary to the "Ice Roads Truckers" series produced by the US History Channel, the job is neither a ‘Job to Die For’, nor ‘A Dash for Cash’! No actual truck drivers on the Ice (Winter) Roads have died by breaking through the ice!

I know this is like barking up a dead horse’s ass, but I had to post it anyway.



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3 Responses to Ice roads fatalities.

  1. lorraine elsom says:

    Very relieved to at last know the truth. I have watched avidly since the beginning. Thank you.

  2. dave redmon says:

    but as a former driver for those losers in California, “Thom Beers” i can say this they are wanting a dead body , i left south america cause of the rampant lack of safety, so when i see this artical what you say is no suprize.. i have posted several videos on how bad the show is manipulated and fake it is…

  3. Loren Reece says:

    That show is very nerve wracking for me. But knowing now that truckers don’t die on the road will make it easier to watch. It does take a special person to drive the ice roads.

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